NetIntellGames is a developer of games. The current developer portfolio contains 21 programs. The most popular software is Net Chess with 3 installations on Windows PC.

Vladimir Alemasov
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Best software by NetIntellGames

Net Chess
Play chess with friends around the world!
Net Spite and Malice
Competitive patience (solitaire) game for two players.
Net Durak
Probably the most popular card game in Russia.

Popular programs by NetIntellGames

Net Gin Rummy
Lets you play Simple, Standard or Oklahoma variations of Gin card game.
Net Cribbage
Play card game Cribbage against computer or live opponents.
Net Checkers
Net Sea War
It is a battleship-type board game you play against computer or live opponents.
Net Poker
Plays the classic card game against computer or live opponents.

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